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Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine



   Through collective and individual ministries, working alone or in
collaboration with others, the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine serve in
a variety of ministries.

Parish        Healthcare   Foundations    Miscellaneous


St. Bernard Parish
- Akron, OH - Ministry to the Hispanic People 

St. Mary Parish - Elyria, OH - Parish Catechetical Leader



Catholic Worker Community of Akron - Akron, OH  

Sr. Catherine Walsh, CSA 


CSA and community members supported the opening of a Catholic Worker House of Peace in 1997 to provide shelter for women and women with children in need. A second house, Casa Maria Jose, was opened in the Spring 2000 for Spanish-speaking women and children.  A home for men, Matthew 25 House, opened in the Fall of 2000.

Following the  Catholic Worker Movement philosophy, volunteers and residents

take full responsibility for the houses with no formal leadership.

Centering Space
- Lakewood, OH  

Sr. Carol Kandiko, CSA 
Centering Space provides a place for individuals and small groups to gather in an environment conducive to prayerful listening. People who hunger for an awareness of Godís everyday presence or who seek Godís direction in a specific event or life choice as well as those who are looking for the prayerful support of community; are all invited to experience Centering Space. We welcome you to share this space, expecting to learn from the diversity of backgrounds, interests, gifts and desires that each will bring.

Interfaith Wellness Ministry - Irvine, KY

Sr. Loretta Spotila, CSA, R.N., MSN - Director 
Through an individual CSA ministry, the congregations of several local 

churches in this rural Appalachian community are linked in an effort to 

promote healthy lifestyles and the role of faith in healthy living.  Established 

in 1997, the program offers educational and resource information, 

prevention tips, health-related support groups and one-to-one 

health counseling.

Joseph's Home -  Cleveland, OH 
Georgette Jackson, Executive Director

Ohio's first transitional facility for recuperating homeless adults opened 

in May, 2000 following a $400,000 building renovation that was funded 

with a $200,000 HUD Supportive Housing Program grant and matching 

funds from CSA St. Vincent Charity Ministries Corporation.  Private rooms 

are available for nine homeless adults with temporary or chronic illnesses 

referred from social service agencies, shelters or healthcare facilities. 

Residents participate in activities of daily living while recuperating, as well 

as in programs designed to foster self-esteem, life skills and ongoing recovery.


Center of Hope, Ravenna, OH

Sr. Denise Stiles

The Center of Hope provides nutritious hot meals and food pantry assistance, Monday through Friday, to help families in all areas of Portage County meet their basic needs for food and personal care items. The center also provides holiday meals for families through distribution of Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets. Toys are collected and provided for children at the centerís Christmas Shop.

South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families, Columbia SC
An outgrowth of the Fatherhood Engagement Initiative of the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina founded in 2002 through a partnership between the Foundation and the state Department of Social Services. Identifies traditional and innovative strategies to pursue research that supports policy reform to eliminate barriers for fathers and families.

  • Served 3,657 fathers and introduced 604 fathers to their children

  • Impacted the lives of 5,721 children

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Sisters of Charity Health System  -
Cleveland, OH
Sr. Judith Ann Karam, CSA - President & CEO
Incorporated in 1982 to serve as a parent corporation for CSA healthcare
facilities, Sisters of Charity Health System is a partner in two joint ventures with
University Hospitals Health System in Cleveland and Canton, Ohio that
include four hospitals, a preferred provider organization, a physician
network and a medical equipment company.  Two other hospitals are 
located in Columbia, South Carolina. Sisters of Charity Health System also
oversees four foundations and other ministries and works to develop
liaisons with other Catholic service organizations.


Early Childhood Resource Center - Canton, OH

Geri Ash Grove - Executive Director 
Under its Quality Child Care Initiative, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of 

Canton worked to develop the Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) for 

the professional development and education of childcare providers. Opened in

1999, the Center has begun to attract funding from other sources, demonstrating 

its viability as an important community service. ECRC provides training, 

mentoring programs and key information and education in an effort to standardize 

quality in the field of childcare.

Healthy Learners  - Columbia, SC

Jo Pauling-Jones - Executive Director
A caring network of providers working to give direct healthcare to
school-age children from economically disadvantaged families across the
Midlands of South Carolina.  Established in 1992 with five participating
elementary schools, the program now covers 37 schools in four school
districts.  More than 300 children each year are connected to needed health
and dental care through on-site screenings performed by a school-based
nurse.  Children diagnosed with chronic conditions and other serious
concerns are referred to a network of health professionals who provide
services at no or reduced cost.

Mercy Medical Center - Canton, OH

Thomas E. Cecconi - President & CEO
Mrs. Rosa Klorer purchased the former home of U.S. President William
McKinley to convert it into Stark County's first Catholic hospital.  Through
her generosity, the Sisters opened Mercy Hospital in 1908.  The gift of the
H.H. Timken residence and 30 acres of land from businessmen W. Robert and
Henry H. Timken in 1950 led to the opening of Timken Mercy Hospital in 1952.
Significant expansions to Timken Mercy led to the 1970 consolidation of
services there and the closing of old Mercy Hospital. Today, Mercy Medical
Center (476 registered beds) is widely known for a broad range of quality
services, including a Regional Heart Center, Level II Trauma Center,
rehabilitation, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics and oncology. Now
sponsored by the Canton partnership of CSA Health System and University
Hospitals Health System, it is still Stark County's only Catholic hospital.

Ohio Health Choice
- Westlake, OH

Representing more than 500,000 members, Ohio Health Choice creates and
maintains statewide networks of more than 170 hospitals and 22,000
physicians, along with claims repricing and comprehensive medical management
programs. Established in 1982, it is the oldest and one of the largest preferred 

provider organizations (PPO) in the State.

Providence Hospital & Providence Heart Institute
- Columbia, SC  
George Zara - President & CEO
At the request of Bishop Emmet M. Walsh of Charleston, the 

Sisters expanded their ministry to open Providence Hospital in 1938.  

Widely respected for maternity care, the hospital shifted focus in 1974 to 

establish Providence Heart Institute, a nationally recognized referral center 

for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Noted for 

excellence in ophthalmology and general surgery, Providence Hospital 

(247 licensed beds) offers many additional quality health services including 

family medicine, gastroenterology, neurodiagnostics, sleep sciences and 

orthopedics. LifeReach, one of the first hospital-based air ambulances in the 

State, flies critically ill and injured patients within the Carolinas and Georgia.

Providence Hospital Northeast
- Columbia, SC

Columbia's second Catholic hospital opened in March 1999 in one 

of the city's fastest growing neighborhoods. The 64-bed hospital 

features all private rooms  and an adjoining medical office building.  Services 

include 24-hour emergency care, general inpatient and outpatient surgery, 

primary, intensive and skilled nursing care and obstetrics.  Physical 

rehabilitation and community education programs are also offered on site.

Regina Health Center  
- Richfield, OH

Brian J. Flannery - Executive Director 

Mt. Augustine, the CSA Motherhouse, was built in 1957 for the formation of young sisters and care of the retired sisters.  

Nestled on 375 acres of rural land and forests, Mt. Augustine was the private home to the Sisters of Charity for many years.  In 1971, the sisters opened their doors to the  Richfield

community and other organizations and offered them the use of meeting rooms where they could hold their religious, cultural and educational activities.  

Responding to the needs of aging religious from other orders for extended nursing care, CSA undertook a $7.5 million renovation of the motherhouse. Completed in 1993 it established Regina Health Center a 155-bed facility that provides a full range of geriatric services including assisted living, intermediate care and skilled nursing units to retired 

members of 22 religious congregations, diocesan clergy and lay men and women throughout northern Ohio.

St. John West Shore Hospital
- Westlake, OH

Cliff Coker  -  President & CEO  

Originally developed as a joint venture between St. John Hospital (now closed) and the West Shore Osteopathic Association, St. John West Shore Hospital (200 registered beds) opened in 1981 in Cleveland's far west suburbs. 
Featuring all  private rooms, the hospital was one of the first Ohio maternity programs to fully embrace the concept of labor, delivery and recovery in the same room. Current services include adult and pediatric emergency care, obstetrics/gynecology, renal dialysis, skilled nursing, pediatrics, ophthalmology and psychiatry.  A new $9 million Cardiac and Critical Care Pavilion opened in 2000. The 68-acre campus supports several community-wide events each year and features a Family Medicine Center, Child Development Center and a Fitness Center affiliated with the YMCA. St. John West Shore is included in the Cleveland partnership of CSA Health System and University Hospitals Health System.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center - Cleveland, Ohio  
Jeffrey S. Jeney - President & CEO
Opened in 1865 at its present location near downtown Cleveland, St. Vincent Charity was the site of the first School of Nursing and the first hospital-based treatment program for alcoholics, Rosary Hall.  In 1956, surgeons performed the first successful open-heart surgery in the Midwest here. Now allied with Saint Luke's Medical Center through the Cleveland partnership of CSA Health System and University Hospitals Health System, St. Vincent Charity (480 registered beds) provides a variety of quality services.  The Heart Center continues to be recognized for excellence and a new $1.5 million cardiac catheterization suite and other cardiac unit upgrades will be completed in 2000. 
Additional services include orthopedics, medical and psychiatric emergency care, oncology, bariatric surgery, primary care and the region's only Center for Bloodless Medicine & Surgery for patients who elect not to receive blood transfusions.  Rosary Hall offers a full continuum of drug and alcohol treatment.

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Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland
- Cleveland, Ohio 
Susanna H. Krey - President
This is one of the three Sisters of Charity Foundations formed in 1996 with proceeds
made available from the formation of healthcare partnerships with
Columbia/HCA. The Cleveland organization sponsors an Affordable Housing
Initiative designed to facilitate solutions that will strengthen families
and their neighborhoods through policy, community action, pre-development
and capacity building.  Grants are also made to emergency shelters,
transitional housing and affordable rental housing in acknowledgment of the
need for a continuum of care approach. To date, more than $7 million has
been given in grants to support this effort.

Sisters of Charity Foundation of Canton - Canton, Ohio

Joni Close - President
One of three Sisters of Charity Foundations formed in 1996 with 

proceeds made available from the formation of healthcare partnerships 

with Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corporation (now HCA-The Healthcare 

Company).  The Foundations share a common goal to develop effective, 

self-sustaining programs that will help to alleviate root causes of poverty.  

Through its Quality Child Care Initiative, the Canton Foundation has 

made more than $10 million in grants to date, focusing on improving 

childcare in centers and in homes. The Foundation developed the 

Early Childhood Resource Center in 1999 to encourage the professional 

development and education of childcare providers.

Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina 

Thomas C. Keith - President
One of three Sisters of Charity Foundations formed in 1996 with proceeds
made available from the formation of healthcare partnerships with
Columbia/HCA.  The South Carolina Foundation emphasizes how father absence
helps to sustain generational poverty through its Reducing Poverty Through
Fatherhood Engagement Initiative.  Grantees address different audiences of
men, including minorities, fathers under age 25 and non-violent offenders
released from area correctional facilities.
The Foundation has awarded more than 1,300 grants and over $34 million
to reduce poverty in South Carolina since its inception in 1996. The Foundation
helped form the South Carolina Center for Fathers, the SC Grantmaker Network,
the SC Center for Grassroots and Non-profit Leadership and most recently, the
Foundation's Learning Academy which will provide on-site training to more than
100 non-profits throughout the year.
In 1999, in collaboration with the South Carolina State Museum, the Foundation sponsored
a 50-photograph exhibit, "Faces of Poverty in South Carolina: Images of
Faith, Hope and Love," which has traveled across the Carolinas and other



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