The Hermitage is a "cabin in the woods,"  and because of the cold and snowy winters, is closed from Thanksgiving until sometime in April.






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Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine

CSA Hermitage

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46: 11

     The CSA Hermitage was built to celebrate the twenty-fifth

anniversary of the founding of Mt. Augustine, our Motherhouse in 

Richfield. Through this place of prayer we invite others to pray

with us in simplicity and solitude for peace and justice in our world.



   The small cabin, harmonious with the natural woods and meadows that surround it, sits on a gentle rise overlooking a pond and foot bridge.



    The CSA Hermitage offers a time of solitude for a  person for one to seven days. It is equipped with a bed, a table and chair, a crucifix and Bible. The simple fireplace is augmented by electric heating. There is indoor plumbing and a small kitchenette containing a stove, microwave, coffee pot and refrigerator. Linens and a tape recorder are provided.


   In the main building located within easy walking distance of the Hermitage, is a chapel with daily Mass, a library and a dining room for optional meals.

  Parking is available a short distance from the Hermitage. Since the walkway may be muddy at times, it is advisable to bring appropriate footwear.

    Spiritual direction from a qualified CSA Sister may be available

with advance notice. The fee is $15 per session.


    Donations for use of the Hermitage are according to your means, with a
suggested donation of $15-$20/day.

    Mt. Augustine is located on Broadview Road (Route 176) approximately halfway between Route 82 in Broadview Heights and Route 303 in Richfield.



For information/reservations, call,  write or e-mail to
Hermitage Ministry
Mount Augustine

5232 Broadview Road
Richfield OH 44286-9481


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