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    The Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine (CSA) is a Community of strong women, freed by their chosen life-style and committed to doing God's work.  Our sisters serve in fields as diverse as accounting, spiritual direction, education, health care and parish ministry.  Current ministries include reaching out to the homeless, staffing a Catholic Worker house and offering holistic health solutions to Appalachian communities.  

 We see ourselves as


  • women of prayer - God seekers   

  • living in community with other
    committed women  

  • drawn by a mission - extending
    our gifts 

  • women of love, in touch with the
    human condition 

  • peace makers, justice seekers

  • hospitable, at home with ourselves and others

  • risk-takers with a pioneer spirit 

  • flexible, dedicated and caring 

  • ordinary folk, doing ordinary things for extraordinary reasons                     







hrough the Sisters of Charity Health System, we sponsor hospitals in Ohio and South Carolina and administer four philanthropic foundations established to diversify and strengthen our mission.  Our individual talents are developed in a supportive environment that enables us to respond to emerging needs.  As the new millennium dawns, the Sisters of Charity are found where God's people are forgotten by society.


    Responsible and creative stewardship of community resources, increased collaboration with others, and an expanded world vision draw us into a new century of service.



                                      Contact us at:

Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine

Mt. Augustine

5232 Broadview Road

Richfield OH 44286-9481

Email: sisters@srsofcharity.org

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